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Turbo Talk SUMMER 2018 2037 Old Candler Rd. | Gainesville, GA 30507 | tel 678.450.7800 | fax 678.450.7765 TurboSalesandLeasing.com At the heart of our leasing program at Turbo Sales & Leasing is our ‘New Every 2’ leasing plan. Under this plan, we replace each terminal tractor that you rent from us with a new one every two years. “With our New Every 2 leasing we are selling peace of mind and uptime,” says Chris Smith, Turbo Sales & Leasing’s Vice President of Dealer Operations and General Manager. “We come from the trucking industry where we understand the critical importance of avoiding any downtime. Our New Every 2 plans ensure our clients are driving new terminal tractors all the time.” Two key aspects of our leasing plan are maintenance programs and back- up terminal tractors. We eliminate downtime by keeping a back-up tractor on-site for our clients to use if an issue arises. We also perform maintenance on-site. Again, our goal is to avoid downtime from any terminal tractor in operation with our clients. “The New Every 2 plan is a great option for customers who don’t want to buy new a terminal tractor on a regular basis,” Smith says. “Leasing is a great option because it gives them the use of new terminal tractors without buying one.” ‘New Every 2’ Leasing Plan a Great Option

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