WELCOME TO Turbo Terminal Tractors

You may better know these tough vehicles by their slang names: Yard Dogs, Yard Jockeys, Mules, Spotters, or Shaggers.

Turbo leases one of the nation’s largest inventories of terminal tractors – including top brands like TICO, Ottawa, and Capacity – for large fleets based at warehouses, distribution centers, and ports. The No. 1 priority behind Turbo’s leasing program is to maintain minimal downtime and maximum uptime for the 24/7 operations of its customers. Terminal tractor leasing programs are customized to each customer’s specific needs and budget requirements. Because Turbo understands that one size (or lease) does not fit all.


Terminal tractors are the hard-working workhorses of the warehouse and shipping industry. We understand the critical importance of keeping these vehicles in operation, because even a day of downtime can be extremely costly and disruptive. With our vast inventory – coupled with the shipping capabilities of our partner logistics firm – we can provide a top-running replacement terminal tractor on a moment’s notice. And for extra convenience, Turbo can also store back-up terminal tractors at your operation to eliminate even a minute of downtime. Our GO-TURBO app is another tool to stay ahead of emergency repairs with 24/7 customer service, vehicle monitoring and tracking, and scheduled maintenance. Whether you need to lease a new terminal tractor or seek a short-term rental for a used terminal tractor, we are in the business of selling “uptime” to keep your warehouse operations up and running.


Turbo Terminal Tractors also offers a wide variety of quality refrigerated trailers, dry vans, and flat beds. New and pre-owned trailers are available for short- and long-term rentals, while we also offer used trailers for sale when available.