Apr 6, 2020


As the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak continues to spread, we want our Turbo Terminal Tractors customers to know that we are taking a practical and common sense approach to protect our team members and customers, while keeping your operations going.

In early March, as the coronavirus threat was increasing, we implemented a safety protocol for our team members and took additional steps as a company to reduce the risk for customers.

We are heeding the advice suggested by public health leaders, including washing our hands regularly, sanitizing our work areas, restricting all visitors at our offices and suspending all travel.

We are encouraging self-temperature screening and stressing that our team members not come to work with a fever. They are required to stay home if they have any flu-like symptoms.

With all that said, we want Turbo Terminal Tractors customers to know we are still doing our job of leasing yard dogs and trailers. Our software technology, which underwent a major upgrade last year, now allows us to work from home as needed. This will allow us to continue our 24-hour, seven-day-a-week support services. Our customers can always reach us through our main number at 678-450-7800.

We are keeping our distance, but staying in touch with customers.

Chris Smith

Knowing that many of our food distribution customers are seeing a spike in business, we have also purchased additional terminal tractors to meet their needs. We don’t want them to experience any interruption in business, especially during these turbulent times.

If you have any concerns or questions, please contact me at chriss@turboterminaltractors.com.


TICO Edge is a cloud-based platform that allows the manufacturer’s dealer network, customers and the TICO Uptime Center to communicate and collaborate with real-time visibility into individual repairs.

With TICO Edge, service and repair processes are better streamlined because everyone involved in the repair is constantly in the loop.

“It helps them monitor and mitigate down time within the fleet and also helps control cost,” said Chris Smith, Turbo’s Vice President of Dealer Operations and General Manager. “It is a great tool for the dealers and fleet customers alike.  And a fleet can use this platform to manage all their assets – not just Tico products.”

TICO recently named Turbo to its Founders Circle. The award is based on the volume of sales of TICO terminal tractors and honors top dealers of TICO tractors. Turbo Terminal Tractors is the nation’s largest TICO dealer.

TICO staff trained our team on the new system.

When a terminal tractor goes down, the productivity of freight and manufacturing operations suffers. TICO Edge breaks the chain of inefficiencies in an outdated service process, and customers benefit from enhanced uptime.

Turbo Terminal Tractors was recently named to the TICO Founders Circle.

TICO has partnered with Decisiv to create the first service platform with a telematics integration for a terminal tractor manufacturer. TICO Edge will now be offered as standard on all new TICO models. The platform uses meter and fault data through the integration of Edge Connected Diagnostics telematics.

TICO Edge supports TICO’s connected vehicle strategy and their focus on elevating the service experience for dealers and customers through streamlined communication when a terminal tractor is being serviced.

Click here to view our TICO Edge video




Lee Moore has served as parts manager for Turbo Terminal Tractors since 2009.

His job involves overseeing daily operations within the Parts Department, which contains one of the largest inventories of terminal tractor parts in the country. He also handles customer and vendor relationships, proper stock levels and pricing.

Lee has extensive industry knowledge with over 25 years of experience as an automotive, heavy duty and industrial mechanic. His last 15 years have been focused on parts sales.

He holds the prestigious ASE mechanic certification and is a certified machinist. Lee also holds certifications in Detroit Diesel, Allison Transmission, and HAZMAT and Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) training.

Lee and his wife, Tammy, have three adult sons, Jon, Casey and Nick. In his spare time, he enjoys hunting and fishing.


After a tough winter, it’s time for a little spring cleaning with the maintenance of your terminal tractors.
  Assess all wiper blades and replace if needed.
Check the cooling system and belts.
Check batteries with load test.
Inspect the A/C system. Turn heat valves off and replace the HVAC filter.
Test brakes and air lines.
Inspect air dryer and replace if needed.
Inspect tire pressure and wear in preparation of upcoming summer months.
  Keep up good preventive maintenance procedures to minimize breakdowns.

Spring is the time to complete a detailed service of your terminal tractors.


While we’re best known for our leasing programs and large inventory of workhorse terminal tractors, keep in mind that we also lease a large assortment of trailers.

Similar to our terminal tractor fleets, Turbo offers long-term and short-term leases on all major brands of trailers for both dry vans and refrigerated trailers.

Our trailers, which are well-maintained and average under five years in age, are available for lease nationwide.

For all leasing inquiries, contact Ed Cross, National Sales, Robbin Dorminey, National Sales or George Bell, National Sales at 678-450-7800.

Need a refrigerated trailer? You can lease one from Turbo.

Turbo has a large inventory of dry vans for lease.


Turbo Terminal Tractors serves the metro Atlanta area as a warranty center for TICO terminal tractors.

“We offer the advantage of being a one-stop, in-house warranty repair center that not only leases terminal tractors but keeps them fine-tuned to assure the least amount of downtime in a company’s warehousing operations,” said Doug Stough, TSL Fleet Director.

As an authorized TICO dealer, TSL is certified to make warranty repairs for TICO “yard dogs.” 

Turbo Terminal Tractors carries an expansive inventory of parts to handle all service needs and warranty protection. TSL’s service technicians are certified by TICO.