Apr 26, 2022


Announcing New GO-TURBO App!

Our exclusive fleet-maintenance tool streamlines customer communications

We’re excited to announce the rollout of our new and long-awaited GO-TURBO app for our fleet-leasing customers.

This technology tool will help us stay on top of repair issues with our leased terminal tractors by allowing customers to communicate more efficiently with our team―at any time or day. Most importantly, it supports our company focus and mantra that we “sell uptime, no downtime” for our customers in the time-sensitive warehouse and distribution industry.

Terminal tractors are reliable workhorses, but they do need maintenance at times. Responding in breakdown situations has always been a strength of Turbo.

“We are already well-known for our service and especially our responsiveness to breakdown issues,” said Chris Smith, Turbo’s general manager and vice president of dealer operations. “But this app is going to take our repair service and communications to a whole new level.”

The Turbo app utilizes a sophisticated GPS program to track all vehicles within each customer’s terminal tractor fleet.

When you login to the app, you can automatically view a map displaying every terminal tractor and its location within your fleet. You simply select the one requiring maintenance, and the app will immediately send a service request to a Turbo technician on call. By selecting your geo-located terminal tractor from a map on the app, you can then choose from a list of common repairs in advance of a call from our Turbo service department. Diagnosis, maintenance and repairs are streamlined from there.

Use QR code to download app

With the GO-TURBO app you can:

  • Keep track of every vehicle in your fleet
  • Point, click to identify vehicle with repair need
  • Communicate directly to maintenance center
  • Get faster repair order and response via app
  • Obtain quick diagnosis with initial repair advice
  • Dispatch replacement vehicles to avoid downtime

“In some cases in the past, information about a repair issue has been relayed from the driver to someone in the customer’s office before eventually being shared with our Turbo team,” Smith said. “This can result in incomplete or incorrect info being communicated back to us in a timely fashion. The GO-TURBO app will eliminate these types of issues and streamline our service response time.”

Smith says maintenance service is just a start for the app. There are plans to provide more options on the app such as leasing contracts – so stay tuned to GO-TURBO!


No two customers have the same needs. That’s why we have built our leasing program to tailor each plan to fit the specific requirements and budgets of the individual customer.

We can customize your plan to cover maintenance costs, or you may prefer a usage-only lease in which you pay only when you operate the terminal tractor. The plan is unique to you.

Here at Turbo, we are always on the lookout for new ways to help our customers operate smoothly and efficiently. One key part of our leasing program is our “New Every 2” leasing plan. Under this plan, we replace each terminal tractor that you lease from us with a new one every two years.

Keeping your terminal tractor in good working order is vital to your business. Our goal is to prevent downtime from any terminal tractor in operation with our clients―such as our new app that streamlines communications when maintenance is required.

Let us know how we can customize a leasing program for you.

Our sales team of Taylor Whitley, left, Ed Cross, George Bell, Chris Smith and Robbin Dorminey can develop a leasing plan to meet your needs.

Sales Team
Chris Smith – VP Dealer Operations – General Manager
Cell: 770-654-0767
Office: 678-450-7800 ext. 7777

Ed Cross – National Sales
Cell: 770-990-4451

Robbin Dorminey – National Sales
Cell: 770-503-5623
Office: 678-450-7800 ext. 7760

George Bell – National Sales
Cell: 770-318-3812
Office: 678-450-7800 ext.7851

Taylor Whitley – National Sales
Cell: 770-540-3233


Taylor joined our National Sales Team in February. The Gainesville resident and University of North Georgia graduate is responsible for growing customers through sales and developing and maintaining relationships with customers.

“One of my favorite things about Turbo is having the opportunity to work with such an incredible team here at one of the country’s largest TICO dealers,” he says.

Taylor and his wife, Bailey, have been married for two years and have a golden doodle named Molly.

He enjoys cycling and running. A bucket list item for Taylor is to complete an Ironman race.

Mel Patton (left), Robbin Dorminey, Steve Reed and Mark Free have been with Turbo for all 15 years.


When we celebrated our 15th anniversary at Turbo Terminal Tractors last year, one common thread among our team was longevity with the company.

“We have four team members who have been with Turbo since the company started,” Vice President of Dealer Operations and General Manager Chris Smith said. “And many more have been with us a long time. That’s great for our customers because of the familiarity they have with our team and consistency of service they receive.”

Mel Patton, Robbin Dorminey, Steve Reed and Mark Free are original team members with Turbo Terminal Tractors. We thank them for their dedication – and here’s to 15 more.

Turbo has grown a lot in 15 years. A family-owned and operated company, we began to focus on sales and rentals of terminal tractors in 2010. We became a TICO dealer in 2015 and have grown into the nation’s largest authorized TICO dealer for sales and leasing, service and warranty repair of American-made terminal tractors.


The terminal tractor industry is facing challenging times, as equipment shortages could lead to long-term effects.

Like the automobile industry, a shortage of parts and workers has hampered the manufacturing of terminal tractors and the availability of replacement parts.

However, there is no shortage of demand for terminal tractors. Turbo has more than 300 terminal tractors and all are leased. Peak season in the industry is normally October through December, but the demand for terminal tractors hit peak levels back in June 2020 and hasn’t let up since.

“It’s a world of shortages,” said Chris Smith, Turbo’s vice president of dealer operations and general manager. “Our customers are aware, and we continue to work with them to meet their needs.”

A key to keeping the terminal tractors in operation is maintenance. Turbo is stressing the importance of daily maintenance with their customers to avoid downtime.

“We have a checklist for daily maintenance that we have always shared with our customers,” Smith said. “Check all fluids, drain air tank, check tire pressure, don’t ignore warning lights are a few of the simple preventive measures that keep terminal tractors running.”

Let’s work together to keep our industry moving.


It’s important to check your terminal tractors daily.

You can’t afford to have one of your terminal tractors go down. Here are daily maintenance tips to keep your terminal tractors running at peak efficiency.

  • Blue cap is for DEF fluid only.
  • Don’t ignore a check engine light.
  • Conduct regular driver-trip inspections.
  • Check all fluids and tires daily.
  • Drain air tanks daily.

These are just a few simple ways to extend the “uptime” of your terminal tractors. Contact our Fleet Director Doug Stough if you have any questions.

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