Apr 6, 2018

Terminal tractor is the formal name of the short-haul semi-tractor whose job is to transport trailers throughout a port, cargo yard, or distribution center. This workhorse vehicle goes by quite a few nicknames. It’s also called a spotter truck, yard truck, yard dog, spotters, yard jockey, spotting tractor and yard mule to name a few of the more common monikers. All these names derive from other trucking terms. Yard jockey has always referred to someone who operates a tractor that moves trailers across a cargo yard. This term has just been adapted for the terminal tractor as well.

The terminal tractor is all business, but their operators don’t have to be. These powerful yet maneuverable tractors are used to transport cargo and trailers within centers of distribution. They are tough and can withstand the roughest conditions.

Despite their mighty reputation, they come in colorful shades. When purchasing or leasing a terminal tractor from the nation’s largest certified TICO tractor and terminal tractors dealer, you can choose from an array of color combinations. Some pick the colors from their college while others just use their favorites hues.