Apr 6, 2018

TICO has a long history in manufacturing. This Savannah, Georgia based company began with the inter-city bus transportation and terminal businesses of the 1950’s and 1960’s. Later, the company progressed to port-related labor transportation in the 1960’s and 1970’s. Within the next decade, the company progressed to port-related labor transportation. By the 1980’s TICO had evolved to include unique port equipment rental pools and the manufacturing operation that was developed to support our service business.

TICO developed its initial terminal tractor model after recognizing the need for more durable, efficient, and versatile options for transporting cargo through warehouses and ports.

TICO built 1,200 tractors before introducing the Pro-Spotter to the market in 2008. These trailers are smaller than the average tractor and pack a powerful punch. They are equipped with a hydraulic fifth wheel that allows the driver to adjust the trailer while remaining in the vehicle. This increased mobility means increased performance.

Since their release, these tractors have become an indispensable resource at major ports, terminals, and distribution centers across the country.

Turbo Terminal Tractors, the largest authorized TICO tractor dealer in the nation, offers a fleet of these long-lasting, quality tractors. TICO tractors, which are designed to transport materials rapidly and reliably, operate even under the toughest conditions. Their adaptability has made these terminal tractors a necessity at warehouses, ports and other shipping locations nationwide.

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