TURBO TALK – Winter 2024

Mar 4, 2024



Turbo Expands Nationwide Leasing Program

Phases out TICO Sales Dealership

Chris Smith, Chief Operating Officer
Turbo Terminal Tractors has ended its TICO dealership arm in a strategic move to focus on the growth of its nationwide leasing program.

“While we will no longer be selling TICO terminal tractors exclusively, Turbo will continue our longtime relationship with TICO in purchasing their top-of-the-line equipment for our leasing customers,” said Chris Smith, Turbo’s chief operating officer.

For the past eight years as a dealer, Turbo sold TICO terminal tractors through a separate sister company, Turbo Truck Center.

“We will be forever grateful to TICO for helping us get started in this business,” Smith said. “That is why our decision comes with mixed emotions. But it is necessary in our evolution to meet the growing demands of our customers and not be limited to one manufacturer’s brand or production capacity.”

Jim Grooms, president of TICO Manufacturing, expressed support for the decision, which signifies Turbo’s commitment to meeting evolving customer demands and embracing a diverse range of top-of-the-line equipment. “We are extremely excited for Turbo and this “next chapter” in the evolution of its business,” Grooms said.

Turbo Supplies Terminal Tractors To Major U.S. Ports and Railyards

While Turbo Terminal Tractors is known for providing terminal tractors to warehousing and distribution operations, we also are a large supplier of tractors to ports and railyards.

We currently have terminal tractors in Port Everglades, Port of Jacksonville, Port of Savannah, and Port of Tampa Bay as well as railyards in Chicago and New Jersey. We opened an office near the Port of Savannah last year to better serve our customers there.

The Port of Jacksonville is one of several large ports that Turbo serves. Photo Credit: Jacksonville Port Authority

“We understand the application and the equipment needed for port and rail service,” COO Chris Smith says. “More so, we know the importance of uptime because of the urgency of this type of freight. At ports and railyards, shipments are on tight schedules, and the terminal tractors are operating in harsh environments like no other. With those factors in place, serving ports and railyards really comes down to uptime.”

Smith emphasized Turbo’s differentiator is that “we are going to keep your terminal tractors running full-time through our unique Turbo Service Solutions program.”

Turbo Service Solutions is our comprehensive diagnostic and maintenance program that takes a pro-active approach to eliminating downtime in your operations.

With our large and diverse inventory, Turbo’s knowledgeable sales team can supply the brand of terminal tractors that works best for port and railyard customers in their unique situation.

While Turbo is providing terminal tractor solutions in ports across the Southeast, our sister company Syfan Logistics offers Port Drayage services with final-mile delivery of containers both ways between ports and its carrier partners. Keep Syfan in mind for your drayage needs.

Department Spotlight: Turbo Service Solutions

Proactive, Comprehensive Maintenance Program Limits Downtime

Juan Santoy

To ensure that your terminal tractor performs at its best, Turbo Terminal Tractors offers Turbo Service Solutions, a groundbreaking diagnostic and maintenance program designed exclusively for our customers to minimize downtime and maximize efficiency.

Juan Santoy, Vice President of Operations, Michael Trump, Director of Maintenance, James Cason, National Maintenance Coordinator, and Alex Puckett, Preventative Maintenance Specialist, lead the Turbo Service Solutions team.

Turbo Service Solutions is a 24-hour-a-day, seven-days-a-week program to keep your terminal tractors running. We have taken on-the-road service technicians – all with 15 or more years of experience – out of their trucks and put them in our office to respond to maintenance issues. They use their field experience to assist customers in diagnosing the trouble quickly and then relay the information to the service technician in route.

“Unlike other terminal tractor leasing companies, we take a proactive approach to maintenance,” Trump said. “Our team aggressively monitors your equipment, identifying any issues before they become major problems.

Our Turbo Service Solutions team is Michael Trump, Director of Maintenance, center, and Alex Puckett, Maintenance Specialist, left, and James Cason, National Maintenance Coordinator.

When a problem is detected, we will dispatch our service technician promptly to your location, minimizing any potential disruptions to your operations.”

Turbo COO Chris Smith says communications with customers during downtime is critical. Through our Turbo Service Solutions software, customers are kept informed each step of the way from the breakdown order being received to the terminal tractor becoming operational again.

“If you are based in Dallas and one of your trucks at Port Everglades in Fort Lauderdale breaks down, you can follow the progress of our team getting it repaired and back in service through notifications sent to you,” Smith said.

Free to all customers who lease terminal tractors from us, Turbo Service Solutions will give your company consistency and reliability in maintenance, and most importantly, no downtime.

MAINTENANCE TIP: Spring Cleaning Time

With Winter coming to a close and warmer weather on the horizon, it’s a good time to do a little spring cleaning of your terminal tractors.

  • Check and adjust tire pressures to manufacturer’s specifications. Several months of winter weather can affect tire pressure, so it is important to keep tires properly filled year-round to prevent premature wear.
  • Just like checking your tire pressure, it’s equally important to check all your consumable fluids to ensure proper operation of your equipment.
  • Check batteries for leakage or corrosion, and clean or replace them if necessary.
  • Winter, especially in cold regions, can be hard on your windshield wipers, making them brittle from snow and salt. It’s a great time to replace these inexpensive items to ensure safe operation.
  • Gladhand seals are much like wiper blades and should be checked and replaced if needed.
  • The end of winter is a great time to wash your unit. Salt, sand, and snow can rust and corrode key components of your terminal tractor. It’s important to keep your tractor well-cleaned to ensure safe and clean operation.

Michael Trump, Director of Maintenance

A complete post-winter check of your terminal tractor will keep it running efficiently.

‘Our customers say it best . . . ’

John Metzger
Managing Director
King Ocean Sun Terminals, Hollywood, Fla.

“Our relationship has only been in place for a few months, but it is abundantly clear that Turbo is one of the most engaged and responsive business partners that I’ve worked with in my 30 years in this business.”

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