TURBO TALK – Fall 2023

Oct 4, 2023

FALL 2023


Turbo Terminal Tractors:

Our name change says it all

The evolution of our company can be seen on a wall in our conference room depicting the history of our Turbo logos and branding since our founding 17 years ago.

This wall displays the changes from our beginnings as a truck repair shop, to our growth into the largest terminal tractor sales and leasing company in the United States.

The most recent change came this year with the rebranding of our company name as Turbo Terminal Tractors to best reflect today’s primary industry and market focus. Our corporate logo also identifies Turbo as part of the respected Syfan family of companies serving shippers and the trucking industry.

“While we still may lease a few trailers here and there, our focus now is totally on terminal tractors,” says Chris Smith, Turbo’s Chief Operating Officer. “This recent tweak in our branding better communicates our core service.”

Opening in 2006 as Turbo Truck Center, our company was founded by our current CEO Jim Syfan, a 40-year veteran of the trucking industry. At that time, Jim and his sons, Greg and Steve, had recently sold their original logistics company, Turbo Logistics – hence the name Turbo Truck Center.

As we eventually entered the terminal tractor market as a TICO dealer, our name changed to Turbo Sales & Leasing, which included truck trailers as well. Our history in the service side of the business played a key supporting role in building our niche in terminal tractors as we focused on maintaining maximum uptime for customers with terminal tractor fleets in the warehouses and distribution industry.

In recent years, Turbo’s customer base has expanded far outside our Northeast Georgia base. We’re now a nationwide company serving markets across the country as the largest sales and leasing center for terminal tractors.

Yes, a lot has changed with our company and brand, but we still offer the same great service – while always driving to be the best.

Savannah Office Update

Key staff addition, more terminal tractor leases up, and a scaly new friend!

It’s been just a few months since we opened our Savannah office on June 1 to serve customers at the Port of Savannah, but there has been a lot happening in that time.

We had a key team member transfer to Savannah to strengthen our service at the port, while we’ve witnessed strong interest in our terminal tractor leasing program at the port. We’re also learning to live with our newest neighbor — an alligator hanging out near our office grounds.

  • Our Fleet Administrative Assistant Sara Clay has transferred to Savannah. She assists our Fleet Director Chris Ransom with managing our inventory of terminal tractors. She also supports our sales and outside service teams. To ensure faster service and attention, Sara communicates directly with the manufacturer producing our new terminal tractors.
  • Meanwhile, the Savannah team has hit the ground running with approximately 50 Turbo tractors now under lease in the port area.
  • In addition, our sister company’s Syfan Logistics Port Drayage team is on site, providing final-mile delivery of containers both ways between the port and its carrier partners.

Now about that alligator . . .  Being near marshland, we have a lot more interaction with wildlife than we do back at our home office in Gainesville, Ga. Though it’s not an official member of the Turbo team, an alligator has been seen hanging out in our parking lot at the Savannah Global Logistics Park. It’s been there to greet us since we opened in early June, and we’re keeping a close eye out as we both settle in to our newest location!

Turbo COO Chris Smith, left, and Syfan Logistics CEO Jim Syfan address the crowd at the new Savannah office open house.

An alligator has taken up residence in our office parking lot.

Two trucks hold a banner announcing the grand opening of Turbo's new Savannah office.

Fleet Administrative Assistant Sara Clay

Turbo Service Solutions:

Veteran Technicians Launch Innovative Advance Maintenance Program

The Turbo Service Solutions team is led by Director of Maintenance Michael Trump, center, and Maintenance Specialist Alex Puckett, left, and National Maintenance Coordinator James Cason.

“Our new program is a unique approach for our industry as other terminal tractor lease companies do not aggressively monitor their equipment at our same level.”

Your terminal tractor only performs as well as you take care of it – which is why Turbo Terminal Tractors has always put an emphasis on service.

Our newest effort to eliminate downtime is our innovative Turbo Service Solutions, a comprehensive diagnostic and maintenance program exclusively for our customers. The service is free and comes with every truck that is rented or leased with Turbo.

“We have taken on-the-road service technicians – all with 10 or more years of experience – out of their trucks and put them behind a keyboard,” says Michael Trump, Director of Maintenance. “The Turbo Service Solutions team uses its field experience to assist customers in diagnosing issues quickly. In fact, our success rate for identifying an issue on the first try is far better than any of our competitors.”

Trump, James Cason, National Maintenance Coordinator, and Alex Puckett, Preventative Maintenance Specialist, lead this specialized service. This team takes charge of managing and coordinating all aspects of the program, allowing customers to focus on their core business.

The Turbo Service Solutions team takes a proactive approach in managing your fleet’s maintenance –therefore minimizing downtime. This is a unique approach for our industry as other terminal tractor leasing companies do not aggressively monitor their equipment at the same level.

When an issue is identified with your terminal tractor, the Turbo Service Solutions team will provide an estimated time of arrival of our service technician. Consistency and reliability in maintenance allows your operations team to focus on the day-to-day while the Turbo Service Solutions team is focused on the health of your terminal tractor. The end goal is to reduce downtime.

“Many leasing companies say they offer this type of service but little to none actually follow through on ‘service’ promises,” COO Chris Smith says. “What makes us different is we care about the life and condition of our terminal tractors, therefore the customer always wins. Terminal tractors have a very short life span. With Turbo Service Solutions, we maintain our asset so that it can live another day.”

MAINTENANCE TIP: Drain Air Tanks Daily, Check Coolant Levels

As cold weather seasons approach, it becomes imperative to drain your air tanks daily and keep an eye on your coolant levels.

The most important maintenance tip for the coming cold months is to drain your unit’s air tanks daily. We cannot emphasize this enough. This can prevent the freezing up of water in your air brake system and an unnecessary winter breakdown.

You also need to check your coolant levels regularly. Of course, it’s especially important in northern parts of the country. But if you are in the South, it’s still just as vital to protect against unpredictable cold spells.

You can’t afford to have one of your terminal tractors go down. Keep your terminal tractor operating effectively through the colder months. If you have any questions about the maintenance of your vehicles, contact our Turbo Service Solutions team at 844-468-8726.

It’s important to maintenance-check your terminal tractor daily.

Community Service: Donating Truck To Area High School Band

Turbo Terminal Tractors recently donated a truck to the marching band at White County High School in Cleveland, Ga. The band already owned a trailer to carry band equipment to football games and competitions but was having difficulty finding a truck to haul it. We stepped in to donate the truck and a custom paint job for the truck and trailer. The truck was donated in memory of Jerry Thomas, a former Turbo employee, who passed away in 2018. Jerry always felt very passionate about investing in children within the community and so do we.

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